Shaun Black for Smyrna City Council - Ward 6

Meet Shaun

Shaun has called Smyrna home for almost 15 years, having had the chance to watch it grow and now the privilege of raising children in the community he cherishes.  A graduate of Georgia Tech and former flight test engineer at Lockheed Martin, Shaun is now a partner at a small data services firm headquartered in Smyrna.  Shaun has previously served on the HOA board of, and currently resides in the Vinings Glen neighborhood off of Ridge Road, with his wife of 10 years and 3 sons.

A Voice For All

Smyrna is OUR community, and Shaun strongly believes that the City Council should represent the interests of all residents.  Shaun's platform is YOUR platform! Transparency and accessibility are critical at all levels of government and Shaun will host regular roundtables in order to truly understand the needs and desires of those living in Ward 6. Can't attend a town hall?  Meetings will be live-streamed on FB Live, where attendees can comment and ask questions in real-time.

A Partner In Education

Public schools are one of the cornerstones of a community and Shaun doesn't just support them - he's the ONLY candidate whose children attend them.

Shaun will work to keep an open dialogue with the School District in order to ensure the City is supporting our schools in every way it can.  A lifelong learner, Shaun is currently completing his second bachelor's degree and strongly believes not only in traditional education, but also job training and continuing education for adults.  Shaun will work with the City to leverage our wonderful facilities in order to provide more education opportunities for citizens.

Live. Work. PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

Smyrna has some of the best recreational facilities in the area. What's next?  Shaun is looking forward to engaging the community in coming up with innovative, multi-purpose, recreation options such as bike paths that can serve riders and commuters alike. In addition, with Suntrust Park and all of the development happening in our backyard, Smyrna is in a prime position to attract both business and leisure dollars that we can invest right back into the community.  Shaun is excited to work Smyrna's local businesses on coming up with ideas to promote our city and bring in visitors.

Safety First

Public safety is of utmost importance to any community.  With the recent spate of car break-ins and other incidents in parts of the area, Shaun will engage our public safety agencies to help come up with ways to better protect our property, and most importantly, our citizens.

Contact Shaun

Please use the form to let us know what issues matter to you the most, or to let us know you'd like to help out! 

There are tons of ways to get involved.  From hosting a neighborhood party to hosting a yard sign to hosting a facebook mention or two - everything helps!